Tournament Info

Adult Check in Times:

Open - 7:45 - 8:00am play begins at 8:15am 

AA - 10:00 - 10:30am player's meeting at 10:45am

BB - 10:00 - 10:30am player's meeting at 10:45am

(Start times are firm.  Any team not on the court at their scheduled start time will lose 1 point per minute until they arrive.  If both players have not arrived 10 minutes after their scheduled start time, they will forfeit the match.)

Juniors Check in Times are listed on the schedule page with the event.  Check in times may vary based on the event date.  Please make sure to check the date you will be playing.  If the juniors event is on a Sunday, all teams will check in at 8:00am.  If it is on a Saturday, check the schedule page the week of the event for check in times!!

Rain Policy: We Play Rain or Shine!!

Entry Fee:

Open - $40.00 per player

AA - $25.00 per player

BB - $25.00 per player 

Coed - $25.00 per player

Juniors - $25.00 per player 

Our official tour ball is the Spalding King of the Beach.  We do not provide court balls, but we do have them for sale at all of our events.  Open divisions use the Wilson AVP ball. Please contact us if you would like a ball in between events.

What division do you fit in?  Here is a description of each:

Open - The professional level athlete.  This division is playing for cash prizes.  You can find our open division finals on our YouTube  page.  Must be a Volley America member to participate. Open players must be AVP Next members for any AVP Next events (AA and BB players do not need this membership). Tournament director reserves the right to adjust seeding as they see fit based on past results and strength of other tournaments played.

​AA - The advanced level athlete.  This division is playing for merchandise prizes and the 1st place teams will receive their entry fee back.  Must be a Volley America Member to participate.

​BB - The beginner level athlete.  This division is playing for merchandise prizes.  Must be a Volley America Member to participate. 

​Juniors - The amateur level athlete.  This division is for students that are still in grade school and are 18 years of age or younger.  This division is sanctioned by USAV and Volley America, just check the schedule page for which ones go with which membership.  All participants must be USAV or Volley America members to participate.  This division is playing for 1st and 2nd place medals or trophies provided by Victory Awards and Trophies.  

The Adult and Junior division will follow the current USAV Beach Volleyball rule book.  

Juniors will register through the contact us tab or by sending an email to  In this message or email please include both names, birth dates, age division they are wishing to play, USAV numbers, and the date you are wanting to register for.  The registration for each event will open on the 1st of the month before the event takes place.  So for instance, the April Juniors event will open for registration on March 1st. When you have sent us your information we will send you a Pay Pal invoice with the entry fee for both players.  When this has been paid is when the team is accepted into the event, not when you send us the information.  We had teams get turned away last year for not filling out the invoice in a timely manner.  If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this process, please feel free to message us at anytime.  

Rain and bad weather policy?  We play rain or shine.....Only thing that slows us down is lightning.  

If a team leaves before finishing their refereeing duties, then their will be a $15 fee added to your entry fee the next time you play here!

​A few rules to point out for our events:

  • A net violation occurs when any part of the body or clothing touches any part of the net between the antennas.  
  • 1 timeout per set.
  • Redirecting the ball is not allowed.  That means I cannot open hand tip on offense and cannot redirect a ball blocking at the net.  The blocking rule is different from current international rules. 
  • Side changes occur every 7 points in a set to 21 and every 5 points in a set to 15.  On a side change players are not allowed to purposely leave the court, get water, or any other action that may delay the game.  At the 21 point  side change (example 10-11 or 12-9) both teams may elect to take a 30 second time out that is not charged to either team. 
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is not accepted at our events.  If you chose to act in a manner that is not that of a lady or gentleman, then you will be removed from the tournament and kindly asked to leave.  This rule applies to all players, spectators, coaches, and parents.  Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct may include, but are not limited to: cursing at a referee or opposing team, damaging any of the facilities equipment, lying about an honesty call, not calling your own net violation, not calling your own touch, and purposely continuing to argue a call in a way that is harassment to the official. 
  • Any questions regarding a rule or an act of misconduct should be brought to the attention of the tournament director.  Please do not ask for a judgement call to be switched or replayed because we are not there to see the play happen.  A rule clarification is the only help the director can give.  If the referee can not determine what the correct call should be, we will issue a replay of that point.
  • In the open division, we use a double elimination format, all losing teams are required to ref the following match on the court they lost on.  For AA, BB, and Juniors you will be assigned to ref during pool play and in the playoffs when you lose you will be required to ref the following match on your court.  Any team that leaves without finishing their ref assignment will be required to pay an additional $15 for the next event that they wish to play.
  • Any player that is fortunate enough to win a division, will be required to play in the next division up in the following tournament that they play.  For example, if you win the AA division you will need to register for the open division in the following event that you play.  Same goes for the winners in BB, they will need to register for AA or Open the following event they register for.  If you do not finish 5th or better in the next highest division, then you are welcome to return to the previous division.  There are two reasons for this rule: 1 - We want to grow the game and move players forward in the sport.  2 - A division that constantly has the same players winning does not give other up and coming players the chance to move forward.  The goal is to push players to their best ability!!

​All of our events are held at Capt'n Bill's Backyard Gill and Volleyball Facility.  The address for your GPS is 4240 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28405.  You will not find a location better anywhere in the United States. (This is coming from someone who has played in almost every volleyball location in the US).  The tradition here comes with great food, a hard working and friendly staff, and some of the best volleyball players in the world have played in this great facility.  We are lucky to have something like this in Wilmington!! 

Season Points Champion


Larry Salefsky

​Sarah Schermerhorn


Brett Greiner

Gina Kirstein


Larry Salefsky

Branagan Fuller/ Caley Redden


Larry Salefsky

​Branagan Fuller/ Caley Redden


Larry Salefsky

​Branagan Fuller/ Caley Redden